Ultra wide angle lens for portrait (replace tokina 116 for 5D MK2)

By: kaleophoto 1113 days ago
Hi,I am looking for an Ultra wide angle lens for portrait to replace tokina 116 for 5D MK2. In the past I use 116 and shoot from a low level/angle, to make models' legs look longer and taller, meanwhile, showing landscape behind.(11mm -14mm = 17-22mm range often use)

Except expensive lens like canon 16-35mm, what will you suggest? Does tokina 16-28mm f2.8 can do? OR canon 17-40?
By: johnriley 1113 days ago
Using ultra-wides for portraits is an unusual approach, perfectly valied of course, but nonetheless a bit outside the norm. Therefore, it strikes me that you have a very definite style and certainly know what you want.

You might consider a prime lens that covers your mosr usual focal length, if better technical quality is what you are now looking for. Alternatively, one of the canon L series, as you are already aware, could have benefits.

If you are happy with Tokina though, why not stay with the same make? Then everything will match in the way ot operates, which you may find more convenient.

Hope that helps!

Best wishes

By: kaleophoto 1113 days ago
Hi John,

Thanks for your reply. I recently bought the 5D MK2 to replace Canon Rebel T2i (550D). The tokina 11-16mm cannot be used on 5D MK2, (except usable at 16mm but seems distortion is strange on 5D MK2, not the one I am looking for at the 11-14mm range, so better sold it). I am looking for the same "stretching effect" in the other lens.

17-40, the wide end distortion control is not good, I afraid people looks strange in the image (flatten head and body). While Tokina 16-28 is more expensive than 17-40, but have a better control in distortion.

Anyway, since I haven't seen photo for portrait using 16-28, I am not sure if it is really similar to Tokina 11-16mm.
By: johnriley 1113 days ago
It sounds like you need to visit somewhere and try these out to see for yourself. It's too late for the Focus exhibition, but dealers around the UK sometimes have min-exhibitions or specialist days and that might help. I'm assuming you are in the UK, but of not then maybe similar things apply.

Distortion of people at the edges with ultra-wides is pretty much what I would expect though, so I'm not sure how the 11-16mm was better in this respect?

Best wishes

By: Monte1945 1093 days ago
How about the sigma 10-20?

they Make two of them..one fast 2.8 and the other one
slower... 4.5 I think....

They seem ideal for your purpose.. and the prices are not
as steep as the other lens....

As a photographer of forty plus years, your ideas of
doing Portrait work with a ultra wide angle is very rare.

How ever I personally love the perspective of the ultra wide angle and it could make some very interesting portraits with the persons mixed in with back ground items....

Good luck...

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