New Tokina AT-X 17-35mm Lens

AT-X 17-35mm f/4
AT-X 17-35mm f/4

Tokina have introduced a new compact wide-angle zoom which has a bright constant f/4 aperture.

The Tokina AT-X 17-35mm f/4 lens has a 103.9 degree field when used at its widest focal length of 17mm. The lens has been fitted with better seals around moving parts and although it's not waterproof, it's much more water resistant than previous lenses.

In a press release, Tokina said: "Image quality is ensured with the use of two Super-Low Dispersion glass and one aspheric glass elements for excellent contrast and sharpness as well as chromatic aberration control while Tokina's exclusive One-touch Focus Clutch Mechanism allows the photographer to switch between AF and MF simply by snapping the focus ring forward for AF and back toward the lens mount for manual focusing."

The Tokina AT-X 17-35mm f/4 lens weighs 600g and will fit Canon EOS or Nikon-D cameras. For more information, visit Kenro.

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