Olympus Tele Conversion Lens TCON-17X For XZ-1

TCON-17X Lens

The Olympus XZ-1 has a new tele conversion lens and adapter. The new TCON-17X tele conversion lens lets you get 1.7 times closer, with a 1:2.5 F-number while the CLA-12 adapter also makes it possible to attach a 55mm filter.

TCON-17X main features:

  • Outstanding 1.7x magnification
  • Weight: approx. 280g
  • Length: approx. 77.5mm
  • Maximum diameter: 80.9mm
  • Focal length (with XZ-1): 190mm*
  • F-number: 1:2.5 at maximum telephoto
  • Minimum focusing distance: 3m
  • Attachable to XZ-1 using CLA-12 adapter

CLA-12 main features:

  • Weight: approx. 50g
  • Length: approx. 41.45mm
  • Maximum diameter: 58mm
  • Attachment dimension: 46.5mm
  • Filter size: 55mm
  • Attaches TCON-17X to XZ-1
  • Also attaches 55mm filter to XZ-1
* 35mm equivalent.
Olympus XZ-1 Lens Adapter

The TCON-17X tele conversion lens is available for £149.99 and the CLA-12 adapter for £39.99, both from September 2011. Visit Olympus for more information.

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