D800, which lens, nikkor afs 24-70 f2.8 or 28-300 f3.5

By: thaidonnie 1107 days ago
Ordering the Nikon D800. I currently was using the sony a900 with carl zeiss 24-70, but I like the idea of a wider range zoom. I will buy a wide angle lens later. Is the quality of the 28-300 good enough to justify this high mega pixel camera? thanks
By: johnriley 1106 days ago
The Nikkor 24-70mm is a professional quality lens, with a price to match. It also offers a fast f2.8 maximum aperture. If it's ultimate quality, I would be looking at that option.

The 28-300mm has a certain convenience in its wide zoom range and no doubt is an excellent lens, but I would expect some compromises. Certainly the maximum aperture is more restricted.

Beyond that, it really depends very much on the application of the lens, that is, what you need it for, and the size of image that will be required.

Hope that helps.

Best regards

By: thaidonnie 1106 days ago
Thanks John, I pretty much knew that. The thing that sparked the interest for the longer range was Ken Rockwell's review on the d800...He is pushing to buy the 28-300 with it. enough said..I just discovered photodo recently, but it's a wealth of info...thanks...
By: cameraf4 996 days ago
Even though Ken is "pushing" the 28-300, my favorite "default" lens is the 28-200 AF G. Ken lists it among the 10 best Nikon lenses and I can certainly vouch for the image quality. Also, since the D800 and D700 are "kinda big-and-heavy" cameras, I like how small and light this lens is. It is no longer available new from Nikon, so you would have to check Ebay. But it is a fantastically sharp and versatile lens for not a lot of money.

Good luck with both camera and whatever lens you choose.

By: thaidonnie 996 days ago
since i requested info, i have bought the 24-70 and the 70-200 vrII... the nice thing with the sony is the stabilization was built into the camera, so virtually every lens i had was vr...thus the difference with the Nikon...as sharp as it is, it would be great with VR...with that said, the 70-200 is phenomonal..2 to go...14-24, and the 85.1.4...and teleconverter 1.7...finished... enjoying this camera immensely..
By: johnriley 996 days ago
Great to hear that it's working well for you!
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