Nikon pre AI lenses - spare parts.

By: astrojohn 4509 days ago
I have several nice pre AI Nikon lenses,
( a 55mm micro, a 24mm f2.8 and a 200mm f4) which I would like to be able to use on my D700. To do this I need to either machine the aperture ring
( spoiling their collector value), or obtain new AI aperture rings. Is it possible to get spares for these elderly but still good lenses?
By: johnriley 4509 days ago
At the time, Nikon offered upgrading to AI and no doubt thousands of lenses were converted.

I wouldn't try a DIY conversion. My suggestion would be to either sell the lenses on eBay or somewhere else or to contact Nikon to see if a conversion is still offered.

If you do a DIY conversion I'm sure the value will be wiped out and possibly the lenses ruined if it goes wrong.

Hope that helps.

Best regards


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