Need advice on macro lens for Nikon D90

By: JimS 4567 days ago
Looking at the Nikon 105mm micro, Tamron 90mm 2.8 as well as Tamron 180nn f/3.5.

The working distance for macro seems to lean toward the Tamron 180mm.

Which has the best glass?
Tamrons seem to get high marks, so go with the Nikon or the Tamron and why?

By: johnriley 4566 days ago
Hi Jim

There are no bad macro lenses, so you can buy with confidence. The Nikon macro lenses are superb, but the tothers are great lenses too. Look at design and ergonomics to help you decide.

As regards working distnce, around 100mm tends to be the most useful. Onbviously a longer working distance is good for small insects and so on, but if copying documents it can be quite a nuisance and even a 35mm or 50mm could give a more comfortable working distance.

So 100mm for an all-rounder and 180mm if you have particular wildlife requirements and 50mm or less if you are copying doicuments routinely.

Hope that helps!

By: JimS 4566 days ago
Thanks, I believe I am starting to understand.
I will be using the macro for nature photos so I guess the Tamron get the vote.
By: johnriley 4566 days ago
Looks like a good choice of focal length for your purposes. Hope you enjoy your new lens when you get it!


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