New to forum and need advice re lenses

By: Thadeus 4643 days ago
Hi everybody! I have just joined the forum. I also have just purchased a new Olympus E5. Already have a E 620. My current lenses are a new 50mm macro, arrived with my camera. A 12-60mm, older, but beloved. A 14-42 mm kit lens and a new 11-22mm, which I just picked up on ebay. My Q is should I wait for a used 35-100mm on ebay or a new 50-200mm SWD? Also I have the 35 flash unit, but how good is the 50 flash unit? I am approaching retirement, have a gorgeous 11 month grand-daughter and want to travel. I also just purchased David Busch's book on te E5 as a reference guide. Any reviews on this book? Also any advice re the teleconverters?
Thank you and I would appreciate all advice.
By: johnriley 4642 days ago
I tested the E5 for ePHOTOzine and it's a great camera. The 12-60mm zoom was also a great lens. You should have a long and happy relationship with your new kit!

As regards lenses, you have quite a few to begin with, and I'd never suggest buying everything all at once.

Why not really get to know the lenses you have and after a while any deficiencies will become apparent. Then you buy something to fill whatever gap you have discovered.

As regards teleconverters, unless they are the very best I have always been disappointed with their performance. The Olympus has a fair degree of magnification anyway with its 2x crop factor, so telephoto lenses are probably not going to be much of an issue.

Hope that helps and for further help why not look into the Olympus forum at ePHOTOzine?

Best wishes

By: fakhir456 4365 days ago
Best of luck.
By: kharibaoli 4344 days ago
your blog is too good and you informed them about lenses .

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