Pentax Q System Lenses

Pentax Q System Lenses

Pentax has announced five new Q-Mount lenses for the new Pentax Q interchangeable lens system, full details of the new camera system can be found here. The five new lenses are numbered by Pentax from 01 to 05, so one should expect to see additional lenses in the future, the new lenses are:
  • Pentax 01 Standard Prime f/1.9 47mm equivalent, metal mount
  • Pentax 02 Standard Zoom f/2.8-4.5, 27.5~83.0mm equivalent, metal mound
  • Pentax 03 Fish-Eye f/5.6, 17.5mm equivalent, 160 degrees view, plastic mount, manual focus
  • Pentax 04 Toy Wide f/7.1, 35mm equivalent, plastic mount, manual focus
  • Pentax 05 Toy Telephoto f/8.0, 100mm equivalent (Pancake), plastic mount, manual focus
From Pentax: Five Q mount interchangeable lenses designed for exclusive use with the PENTAX Q digital camera; a choice of High-performance or Unique series to satisfy diversified photographic requirements.

PENTAX Imaging Systems is pleased to announce the launch of five interchangeable lenses designed for exclusive use with the new PENTAX Q digital interchangeable lens system camera. Featuring the newly designed Q lens mount, these new lenses come in two distinctive series: The two models of the High-performance series offer exceptional image rendition, while the three models of the Unique series assure the effortless capturing of creative images.

Pentax Q Lenses

The five new lenses have been developed for exclusive use with the newly launched PENTAX Q digital interchangeable lens system camera — currently the world’s smallest, lightest model in its class.* They are all designed to be super compact and ultra-lightweight, by optimizing their image circle to the size of the CMOS image sensor installed in the new Q mount camera body. This makes them the perfect partners for the pocket sized, go anywhere PENTAX Q. By providing two distinctive lens series — the High-performance series emphasizing image rendition, and Unique series with outstanding cost performance and ease of lens changeability — this new Q mount series gives PENTAX Q users a unique lens line-up that assures all the benefits of a digital interchangeable lens system camera, including the fun of creating different perspectives and visual effects through quick, effortless lens changes.

Pentax Q-System All

The first of the new Q mount lineup from PENTAX are the “PENTAX-01 STANDARD PRIME” unifocal standard lens and the “PENTAX-02 STANDARD ZOOM” standard zoom lens in the High-performance series; and the “PENTAX-03 FISH EYE” unifocal ultra-wide-angle lens, the “PENTAX-04 TOY LENS WIDE” unifocal wide-angle lens and the “PENTAX-05 TOY LENS TELEPHOTO” unifocal telephoto lens in the Unique series. The two TOY LENS models are designed to produce a distinctive toy-camera-like visual effect.

* The world’s smallest and lightest digital interchangeable lens system camera, as of June 15, 2011 (based on PENTAX research).

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