NANOHA x5 Macro Lens for Micro Four Thirds

Nanoha DCWatch GF2 Macro
Image: DCWatch Nanoha x5 Macro Lens

Nanoha's website has details of a new lens for Micro Four Thirds cameras, such as the Olympus PEN E-PL2, and Panasonic Lumix G3, it provides an extremely close up view of a subject, with a unique holder that places the subject 11mm in front of the lens. With such a close subject, the lens has built in LED lights to make sure the object is correctly lit. DCWatch has had a look at a prototype of the lens, shown above, with sample photos. Another version of the lens will be available for the Sony NEX series.

"The magnification is much more than ordinary macro lens. The magnification is up to x5. It means 1 pixel on the picture is about 1 micrometer on the shooting target. With NANOHA, you can find small wonders easily without using microscopes. And we added some patented features for your good shooting." (via 43rumors)

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