Best Lens for a Nikon d700 for Seniors

By: mara 4754 days ago
I'm wanting to purchase a lens that is perfect for seniors and it seems that everyone has a different opinion. I currently have a 24-70 and like it but it lacks some stuff I want. Like some of the closer up shots. I have been looking at the 105 macro, 70-200, 50 w/ 1.4, and the 135. What do you think I would be the most happy with?
By: johnriley 4754 days ago
I'm not sure what you mean by a lens for seniors? There is no particular requirement as far as I can see that relates to the age of either the photographer or the subject...

If you want to take close up shots then a standard kit zoom will probably go to a magnification of 1:4 or better, which is quite close. After that it has to be a macro lens and, in general, a longer focal length tends to be more useful. Maybe 100mm.

As we don't know what sort of photography you do it is difficult to say what you would be happiest with, so perhapsd a bit more information, including whether your camera is full frame or APS-C?

Best wishes


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