Pentax 10-17mm digital fish eye zoom unveiled

Pentax 10-17mm Digital Fish-eye lens

Mounted on the Pentax *ist D series of digital SLRs, the new Pentax lens will capture fish-eye imagery with a 180 degree angle of view and a focal length of 10mm as well as super wide-angle performance that allows photographer to make use of dramatic angles-of-view resulting from slight changes in focal length. This super wide-angle capability also will capture images with an expanded perspective including creative deformation of subjects and sharp pan focus that extends throughout the entire frame.


The image circle of this new lens will match the image recording area (23.5mm x 15.7mm) of the *ist D series to ensure precise optical performance ideally suited to the camera's digital imaging characteristics. The smc Pentax DA FISH-EYE 10-17mm F3.5-4.5 ED [IF] lens design also features lightweight, compact dimensions compared with 35mm format, SLR interchangeable lenses with equivalent specifications.

Additional features:

High Optical Performance. Employing ED (Extra-low Dispersion) glass, this lens compensates for chromatic aberration throughout the image. And with new optical architecture and a ghost-free lens coating, ghosting and flare are suppressed to produce clear, high-quality images more of the time.

Super macro shooting. The advanced internal focus system allows photographers to focus from as close as approximately one inch (2.5cm) with the power to fill the whole frame with surprisingly small subjects.

Newly Developed SP Coating made of a special fluoride compound has been applied to the front surface of the lens with a unique evaporation process. As a result, the lens offers excellent water and oil-repellant performance and makes for easier cleaning.

Exclusive Pentax Quick-Shift Focus System for instant shift to manual focus once the subject is captured by AF.

Durable metallic lens mount.

Exclusive lens cap constructed from high-quality aluminum.

Lens mount: PENTAX KAF mount
Lens construction: 10 elements in 8 groups
Angle of view: 180°- 100° (with an *ist D series camera body)
Diaphragm control: Automatic
Number of aperture blades: 6
Minimum aperture: f/22 (at 10mm) -32(at 17mm)
Metering system: TTL open-aperture metering
Minimum focusing distance: 0.14m over entire zoom range
Maximum magnification: 0.23X (10mm) - 0.39X (17mm)
Dimensions (maximum diameter x length): 68mm x 71.5mm
Weight: 320g with lens body and built in lens hood
Lens hood: Built-in

Optical system for this product was jointly developed and designed with Tokina Co, Ltd.
PENTAX, and smc PENTAX are trademarks of PENTAX Corporation.
Design and Specifications are subject to change without notice.

The lens should appear early 2006

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