Canon EF 24-105mm IS USM: question to the editors

By: Ago 4854 days ago
This lens is among the most popular L lenses produced by Canon and is offered as kit lens when purchasing the Canon EOS 5D II.
When I got hold of a used 5D (first series), this seemed the obvious choice for an all-purpose, travel-light solution.
Certainly, this lens cannot be compared to a prime, yet it has its advantages and deserves its L designation.
I tried to find Photodo's tests and opinion on this zoom, but it does not appear on the list.
Are there reasons why it is not in the database?

I tried to find a contact address to the editors of this site so that I could raise this question, but Photodo does not have an address where general issues like mine can be sent.


Thanks, Ago
By: epzPete 4853 days ago
Whoops you're right. We've added the lens now, that was an oversight.
It will take a while for reviews to be added, perhasp you want to start by adding one?

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