Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX vs. Canon EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5 USM

By: hndhnd 4934 days ago
I need a wide angle lens and I'm not sure which one is better. There is not much price difference between them. Tokina lens looks fine and f/2.8 is the main reason I'm comparing it with a Canon lens. I'm not sure about the sharpness and focus.
I would appreciate any help.

Assuming that I will be using the lens for everything and leaving your Canon-worship behind =) could you tell me pros and cons of each lens.

Tokina AF 11-16mm f/2.8 AT-X Pro DX
Canon EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5 USM

By: johnriley 4934 days ago
Fortunately no bias from me as I'm a Pentax User!

However, it does enable me to say with some certainty that Tokina make some very fine lenses.

Their 12-24mm for example is available as a Pentax lens, and a superb one it is too. This means I would be confident that their 11-16mm would be excellent, and reviews seem to indicate that it is. But do consider their 12-24mm f4 as it is an amazing lens.

The Canon lens you suggest has a variable aperture and does not approach f2.8, so its specification is less. However, I do generally buy marque lenses where I can.

I think your choice boils down to the spec you want and how wide you need to go. Whatever you choose you should be fine, but perhaps consider adding the Tokina 12-24mm to your list.

By: graf86 4824 days ago
I had both lenses. the Canon and now present the Tokina. I choose the Tokina, because of the extra stop of light, better sharpness (wideopen) and less vignetting.
But: the Canon 10-22mm has a better(larger) range, feels/handels (the zoomring is big and just at the right place) better and is more resistant to flare.

So make your choice!
Both are great lenses.

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