Sunsets with canon

By: yzerberg 4964 days ago
hey everyone! i have been a dabbler in photography for a few years and have yet to come across the right lens for the perfect sunset. i'm going to the cook islands for my honeymoon in aug. and would love to nail a great sunset... being more then likely my only shot getting to the cooks. so any help with choosing a lens would be great. what i have is my 10-22mm but the aperture is to small and dose not allow enough light to enter... where should i go..? the 85mm f1.8 usm... or the f1.2/L ... help please!!

By: johnriley 4964 days ago
A 75-300mm lens will do very nicely. You don't need a wide aperture as the sun is very bright...

Also, please be careful not to stare at the sun through your camera as it is dangerous to do so.

Have a great time!


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