Is it possible to fit one filter on top of another

By: harkirat 5197 days ago
Is it possible to fit CPL FILTER on top of UV FILTER on any lens. What difference it will make doing so.
By: johnriley 5197 days ago
It is possible as most filters are double threaded.

Having said that, most modern lenses filter out UV anyway, so the UV filter is redundant except as a protector, so you don't need it as well as another filter.

The second disadvantage is the you are adding unecessary layers of glass which can reduce quality.

The third is that you are extending the filter mounts further forweards and with wide angle lenses you could get vignetting.

So the advice would be not to do this.

Best regards

By: Clay 5194 days ago
I sometimes use two with B&W film: one for foreground
control (2X Yellow), and one for darkening a blue sky (3X
polarizer). Should be no vignetting unless you are using a wide-angle lens.

Best regards,

By: JohanK 4677 days ago
Combination of 1/2 Grey with an Polarizer can be great in Landscape photograping. With tripod mounted camera and 3 exposures you can ofcourse fake it in the digital darkroom.
But it can be made on negatives and slides too.

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