Lens resolution

By: chromvisio 5008 days ago
Can anyone explain me how some people get lens resolution 1900 and 2200 LPH?
As I understand, LPH is a "line pair per picture height" and even for a350 with 14.2 Mpixel the amount of pixels pi picture height is 3056. Remembering that acceptable interpretation of any wave could be only done with number of points at least twice than its frequency, we can only successfully resolve 1525 LPH with this sensor.
Anything above it will not be visible by camera itself.
By: johnriley 5007 days ago
Many lenses might out resolve a sensor. The resolution is also reduced by the anti-aliasing filter.

Maybe lens resolutions are being quoted independently of any relationship to what the camera can resolve. As an optical unit, the lens can be analysed using an aerial image, without any need for a camera.

By: qili 5000 days ago
LPH is a "line widths per picture height", not a "line pair per picture height"
By: chromvisio 4992 days ago
To be exact LPH represent the number of periodical changes of colour (black and white) per picture width, i.e. adjacent black and white stripes represent this period and constitute two lines (one black and one white). That is whiy it is said "line pairs per picture width" and you need minimum two pixels - one to represent black and another to represent white. You could not represent the width of line with just one pixel.

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