Nikon D90 Lenses

By: Andrews 5269 days ago
I am due to buy a D90 body and have been looking at lenses to match, especially in the 70-300mm range. Jessops do the Tamron and also the Sigma and both have the midway macro. I cnat afford too much but would be prepared to buy second hand. I have seen mixed reviews on the Sigma but would be prepared to buy another lens secondhand but of better quality.

Can anyone recommend a make / model?

Any comments much appreciated

By: johnriley 5269 days ago
I have no doubt that a second hand Nikon lens will be potentially much better than an independent one. Nikon are one of the most highly respected lens manufacturers, so why spoil your camera's performance with anything less than a Nikon lens?

On the other hand, cost can be a real factor, so for a very acceptable lens I would look at Tokina, Tamron and Sigma, in that order of preference.

Hope that helps!

By: Andrews 5269 days ago
Thanks John. I entirely agree with you about spoiling a D90 with a lower grade lens.

I am now looking an 18-200mm Nikon

There is VR II but is it worth the extra monies. Being that this camera came out in late 2005, there are some good deals to be had on the VR 1 version.

Any comments greatly appreciated

By: johnriley 5269 days ago
Hi Andrew

Cost may be the deciding factor and I'm sure that the VR 1 will be a fine lens. How much better the VR II might be I don't know, but I suspect it won't be as great a difference as having no VR at all.

By: Andrews 5268 days ago
I agree with you. I think that this is what I will go for as the range will cover almost two lenses.


By: Andrews 5253 days ago
I ended up buying a D90 and then spending the extra on a 18-200mm Nikon VR2 and am pleased. You cant take the money with you, so might as well enjoy it.
By: johnriley 5253 days ago
Well done, excellent choice. Hopefully spending a bit extra now will mean you don't need to upgrade again soon.

Best regards

By: Andrews 5250 days ago
You're quite right John. I have been playing with the camera and lens and trying to get used to both at the same time it interesting. I took a few images of birds on our bird feeder and they were sharp as I expected but must be doing something wrong. I was in auto mode and the light wasnt that good and maybe the camera increased the ISO from 200 to 4000, which was what was showing in the viewfinder.Also, in auto, I cant get it to fire continous shots even though through the menu I seleceted 3fps. Again, need to spend more time reading the book as maybe I am missing something. Still love it and know I have made the right choice and being 18-200mm, I shoudlnt really need another lens as I can always crop and blow up a high resolution image.

By: kewlchick 5233 days ago
i agree with john. if you don't need it ASAP save up for it and buy the best. better than buying the second best and spend on a new one after sometime.

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