Which Zoom to buy for Canon E450D?

By: an1244 5052 days ago
I would like to know which Zoom I should buy for my Canon DSLR E450D?

I am keen on 28-300 mm lens, not sure how expensive it is...saw a canon 70-300mm that was not too expensive (around $280), but don't know if there are other versions in 70-300mm that are better value for money. With this lens, I think I will need one lens for macros as well...

I am not a professional photographer, and cannot afford the top-end lenses.

Any suggestions and guides would be very helpful and much appreciated.

Thanks in advance
By: johnriley 5052 days ago
I'd suggest looking at the websites for Canon and Sigma, where you will find a very good selection of alternatives.

If you are US based, as your quote in Dollars suggests, then the B+H website will give some competitive prices. B+H ship all over the world, but are based in New York.

Hope that helps!

By: an1244 5050 days ago
Thanks John for the prompt response. I have seen the websites, all sellers claim superiority of their products (understandably..:))

I actually want views from experienced people on usage of Canon lenses vs Sigma or Tamron. Canon is expensive and the other are cheaper or for the same money give more features/range.

Even Canon has more than 1 version in 70mm-300mm category, which one to pick?

By: johnriley 5050 days ago
The short answer is that, generally, you get what you pay for. Marque lenses are often better, although more expensive, and will share the colour balance and ergonomics of the rest of the range.

The Canon L lenses are the top of the line optics for you, but they cost money.

In any event, there are few lenses on the market that will not produce perfectly good images up to A4. If you never print larger than this, then you won't have much of a problem.


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