Lens advice

By: AlexK 4891 days ago
Hi all

Wonder if you can help please.

Just bought myself a Cannon 400D and looking for two lens's.

The first is just an every day lens. 18-55 ish? Looking for second hand so older models are ok and looking for under 100 :-( I have been in design for many years so really want something that will produce nice sharp results or I will get frustrated.
Can someone suggest make and models that would suit please?

Secondly, something I can use to shoot field hockey games so similar to doing a football match.
Again I only have a 100 budget for this lens but again happy with second hand older models? Realis efor this amount Im not going to get anything very special but hope a few of you can suggest make and model that would suit and give me the best chance of some nice shots for the money.

Many, many thanks in advance

By: johnriley 4891 days ago
Canon make an 18-55mm kit lens that is usually very inexpensive, especially when bought with the body. A 50-200mm or similar would be ideal to add to this and at your price level we will be meaning the Canon kit lenses.

Unless you are willing to increase your budget this is where I would look. In the case of the 18-55mm some of the Canon ones have been less than spectacular in the past, but I have heard that the newer ones are better.

Have fun with your new camera!


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