By: MIKE50D 4913 days ago
Hi John

Is there any sort of Teleconverter for the Tokina

AF - 80 - 400 f 4.5 /5.6- AT -DX 840 AF - II

If so could you let me know please!!

Regards Mike The Netherlands
By: johnriley 4913 days ago
Teleconverters work best with telephoto lenses, but are not brilliant at the best of times.

You could try a 2x converter, but make sure it's a high quality one from a recognisable manufacturer. There isn't a dedicated one for this lens as far as I know.

The difficulty is that it reduces the aperture by 2 stops, so it makes it even more difficult to get the sort of shutter speeds we need for wildlife. You could be much better off using just the prime lens and cropping.

Best regards

By: MIKE50D 4913 days ago
Many Thanks John

Regards Mike

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