I have a Canon 5D - What lens do I get for basketball?

By: sandyhorvath 4099 days ago
I will be shooting basketball and need help choosing the best lens.
By: johnriley 4099 days ago
I would imagine something with a wide aperture, maybe F2.8 or wider, to make higher shutter speeds possible.

Focal length wise you will need to judge the likely working distances and whether or not you want close ups of individuals or a wider view. It would suggest to me that a 70-200mm f2.8 zoom might be very useful in these circumstances.

However, I'm no expert on basketball, so maybe someone else has some thoughts?

By: wizkidofoz 4056 days ago
Generally basketball courts are relatively well lite, so depending on where you sit and what your intent is - it may be relevant. I have a friend who mainly takes set sideline shots of players in relaxed modes. The 5D is not weightless and if your trying to get fast breakaways a lighter option zoom lens may be the solution 70-200 f4L IS usm. If you have season tickets with same seating you can opt for whatever focal length is required (f2.8). The 70-200 f2.8L IS usm is considered the idyllic indoor action sport lens. I, also, use EF200 f2.8L usm or 135L f2 w/1.4x 11 for side line portraits.

Although, I carry a 2nd camera D40 to alleviate lens swapping as alternative.
By: pconselv 4046 days ago
My choice would be:
Olympus E3 (IS is in the body)
35-100 f2.0
150 f2.0
but for Canon a 70-200 f2.8 should be OK

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