New camera and Lens .....Advice Please

By: MIKE50D 4631 days ago

Im Mike and new here

Recently bought a New Canon and a Canon 100-400 IS USM Lens here in Holland

My Question please : What will work better

1.4 or 2.0 Extender [ Converter ] and Why!!

My set up will be used for Bird Photography

Thanks for your time and help
By: johnriley 4631 days ago
Bird photography is both challenging and very rewarding, so have fun with that.

The 100-400mm on its own is quite a long lens. If you are using a DSLR with a cropped sensor, on Canon that 400mm becomes similar to how a 640mm lens would have looked on film.

In any event, learning to use the lens as is should be the first priority. It may take a while to do this as bird photography is not easy.

As regards extenders, I'm not a big fan of these as they do degrade image quality. It's debateable whether or not you are better just cropping the image from the primary lens alone. As a principle though, the 1.4x will be better than the 2x as it doesn't magnify the lens faults quite as much.

Hope that helps!

By: MIKE50D 4631 days ago

many thanks for your explanation..... very clear and understandable

Is there anything you might recomend for my future in respect of Equipment....Example:lens!!
Again many thanks Mike
By: johnriley 4631 days ago
It depends on your photography. You will find the need, perhaps, to focus closer, so a macro lens might be for you.

If you are struggling to get all your subject in, then maybe a wide angle.

And so on. If you take lots of images and practice as much as possible I think your question will eventually answer itself.

Hope you enjoy the learning curve!

By: MIKE50D 4630 days ago
Relatively new to photography around four years mostly Macro

Having always had an intest in Birds but since my retirement April 2009 thought more over Birds but actually only began
this Sept/Oct by join our club .....but thats more watching than actual photography

Ive been thinking over two other lens choices.....but Im not sure which will benefit my Bird Subjects the best or WHY!!

[1] Sigma APO DG OS 50-500

[2] Canon 70-200 IS USM

Any help or advice most welcome
By: johnriley 4630 days ago
The second one won't expand your ability to photograph birds, but the 50-500mm one would. This will be as long a lens as you could reasonably expect to own, but it will take some practice to get to know it well.

It is very big and heavy though and may need a very sturdy tripod. Sometimes under par examples seem to be a problem, so test your lens as soon as you get it.

If you want to do macro work as well then a 100mm macro is ideal for most purposes. A proper macro lens gives the best close up quality. 100mm means there is enough distance between the lens and subject so you don't throw a shadow over it, or scare away butterflies and the like.

By: MIKE50D 4630 days ago
Thanks very much John.................

Exchanged Pentax here in Holland for the EOS 50D and the
Canon 100-400 IS USM

Hope to build up a selection of affordable lens Pension allowing over the years.

Is there any other lens you might recommend for Bird Photgraphy
[ as a Guide ] and WHY!!
By: johnriley 4629 days ago
I would suggest you use your 100-400mm lens and then you will see for yourself whether or not it is sufficient for your bird photography. It might be, in which case you won't need another lens.

If you really get hooked, you might be investing in waders and portable hides instead! Many of the birds you will be photographing are very small, and you need to be quite close.

By: MIKE50D 4629 days ago

Many thanks for your sound advice.....I will certainly have
to build up my experience with respect to my Bird Photography.
I agree
Fortunately Im a willing student and being on Pension in that
respect have time on my side to learn more!! John I would like to wish you and your Family
A Very Happy Festive Season
Kind Regards Mike The Netherlands
By: johnriley 4629 days ago
Thanks Mike, we return the Festive Wishes. Have a great time and if you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask.

Best regards

By: MIKE50D 4627 days ago
Many Thanks just one question

Ive tried my friends 1.4 Teleconverter [Canon ] too many distorted images handheld and its not for me.... with my Canon 100-400 IS USM............BUT

As a back up Lens what is your opinion of the

TOKINA AF 80 -400 f 4.5/5.6 AT - XD 840 AF II PRICE
HERE IN HOLLAND Euro:428:00 in place of a converter!!

Really would appreciate your views !!

Regards Mike The Netherlands
By: johnriley 4627 days ago
We have the first version of the Tokina 80-400mm in Pentax fit, and it's actually very good. The extension of the range to 400mm is invaluable for bird photography.

The newer version is available for Canon and Nikon only and is supposed to be even better, so I'd say go for it! It will be vastly better than using a converter.


By: MIKE50D 4627 days ago
Thanks for all your help John Will certainly look into it at the price here!!

Would certainly make an excellent back-up lens

Will let you know the outcome or decision in the New Year

Cheers Mike

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