Digital SLR Body needed for my Kiron lens

By: RayLazinsk 1945 days ago
I wish to purchase a Digital SLR camera BODY.
I now have a Film SLR Minolta X-700 MPS
It uses 2 lenses, I want the Digital SLR camera BODY to use these lenses.
KIRON 28-210 mm, f/4-5.6 Macro 1:4 0/ 72MC
Minolta MD 50mm 1:1.7 0/49 mm
The BODY need not have more than 5 megapixels
It need not have a dedicated flash
I expect to use a Braun VarioComputer Flash with it.
The condition should be new or used EX.
I understand the bayonet mechanism is designated "Minolta MD/MC.
There are adapters for the MD/MC to Sony Alpha/Konica Minolta Maxxum/Dynax and Alpha SLR.
Are these adapters practical, Economic and useful while working in the field?
Please quote and comment on my requirement.
I am Raymond H. Lazinski, PE
By: johnriley 1944 days ago
Ray, I have removed your address and phone number details to protect your privacy. It could be unwise to post these details anywhere on the web.

Sorry I can't answer your question, but hopefully someone will pick up the message who has the necessary information.

Best regards

By: RayLazinsk 1944 days ago
John, Thank you
By: Thad 1881 days ago
Hi Raymond, hope this message isn't coming to you too late. I've been looking into such adapters lately and here's what I've learned.

Since the distance from lens mount to sensor/film (lens registration distance) is different for each camera manufacturer, some lens brands won't adapt to some camera brands easily. The lens simply can't fit inside the camera far enough for the lens to achieve focus at infinity (when the lens is required to be its closest to the sensor). This means to get such a lens to focus to infinity, the adapter must have a special glass lens in it to let the lens "retrofocus" and achieve its full range of focus. The problem is that these adapters seem to be manufactured with less than good quality optics for retrofocussing.

The Minolta MD lenses have a pretty short lens registration distance and pretty normal bayonet diameter making them require such an adapter on the following mounts: nikon, pentax, canon ef, minolta/sony alpha. There may be others I haven't learned of yet.

The good news is that the lens registration distance on all 4/3 and micro 4/3 system cameras is even shorter than Minolta MD. This means that cameras from Olympus, Panasonic, and some Leica cameras (perhaps) can use an adapter for Minolta MD that doesn't require any special optics for a Minolta (or your Kiron) lens to focus to infinity. I've seen such adapters on ebay for under $40 US.

Now, I have no idea if there are any cameras there that will accept your flash.

Most importantly, can you live with the 4/3 crop factor? The crop factor for 4/3 is 2, meaning you double the focal length of the lens you put on the camera to find its 35mm equivalent. So, your 50mm normal lens becomes similar to a 100mm portrait lens (but retains the max aperture of 1.7(think BOKEH)). Your Kiron becomes a 56mm normal to 420mm telephoto "hunky" zoom. Thusly, if you want to keep that 28mm equivalent wide angle on the new camera, you'll need to aquire something like one of the 14mm - ??? zooms from Oly/Zuiko. Their kit lens should be fine and maybe a little faster than your Kiron.

Good luck and Cheers
By: RayLazinsk 1877 days ago
"Digital SLR Body needed for my Kiron Lens"
To: THAD. Thank you for your advice.
Please see the following and give me your comments.
This relates to the use of a Kiron lens on a DSLR body.
Please go to
“Why Minolta Rokkor Lens on Canon EOS DSLR”
and to
“the eos-md flange”
note on page 4 of the 6 pages only the model 300D requires no machining or modification on lens or body.

I recently bought the flange kit from this fellow in Italy and bought a Canon 300D on ebay.
I got the flange and it almost fit. A few holes had to be drilled a little deeper so the mounting screws would not stick up.
When I was done the Kiron lens does fit properly on the canon DSLR from a mechanical point of view. One has to be careful to insulate the camera’s contacts from the Kiron lens bayonet.

It fit. Now I am having trouble getting the camera to take any sort of image, even out of focus ones. I keep getting error readings.

It took me a while to order in the CF memory card, batteries and charger. I have to see if I can find the source of the error codes.
I can only hope that the camera I bought is in good working order.
By: johnriley 1876 days ago
Probably the canon camera needs input from the lens to function properly. A plain bayonet won't do this.
By: RayLazinsk 1875 days ago
John: Thank you for your comment about the need for some "input" from the lens to get the DSLR to work.
The website that describes does imply no input from the lens is required (the insulation of the contacts from the lens). I would appreciate if you would go to
and tell me if my interpretation that no input from the lens is required is correct. Thanks Ray
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