Buying a new lens Canon or Sigma

By: Michelle 4668 days ago
I shoot with the canon 40d. I have been using the 2 lens that came with the set (25-135mm and 70-300mm. I am new to the buisness and I am shooting Weddings and portraits. I am looking at buying a good all around portrait lens and a wide-angle lens. I like the 24-70 mm, but not the price. I know Sigma is cheaper, but is it worth it? As far as the wide-angle I am clueless. Does anyone have any thoughts on the lens baby as well?
By: johnriley 4668 days ago
You already have your portrait lens, the 25-135mm, so you don't really need another.

Personally I would practice and practice with the lenses you have and get to know the kit you use very thoroughly, before you tackle any weddings in particular. Also practice the use of fill-in flash in sunlight so that you can control the shadows on faces.

Canon make several wide angle lenses so have a look at those. If you have two Canon lenses then adding a Sigma to them, which will handle differently, is not a good idea. It causes confusion when under the stress of the wedding. In any event, the Canon lenses will be better in the long run I think and the price tag will soon be forgotten.

For low light work, such as the evening disco, a 50mm f1.8 lens is very cheap and a very useful addition.

The Lens Baby is a bit off the wall, but later on if you want some different looking images it could be worth a thought. Not at first though.

Hope that helps!


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