Nikon 17-35 2.8 AF motor problem

By: janrod 4201 days ago
I just recently got used Nikon 17-35 2.8 lens and after a day of use, the lens failed to focus while producing silent "VROOM VROOM" sounds. I remounted the lens to camera and since then works fine (approx. 1000 shots). Do you know if it's a common problem? As I can still return it, I am thinking about it. However, if the repair is not too expensive, I don't mind. Any opinions? Thanx a lot.
By: johnriley 4201 days ago
I'm not sure what a "silent" sound is, but....maybe the lens wasn't mounted properly and didn't click into its AF connection.

If it's worked flawlessly ever since could this be a possibility?


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