Yashica Penta J

By: rapunzel 5391 days ago
I've had this camera for a little while and just started to try it out. My friends mom gave it to me and it's like new! I think it's from like 1962 but it looks like new. I tried researching it on the internet but I keep getting links to banged up ones listed on ebay. I have the Ednalite coated close up lens, the exposure meter, the hard case,the manual, and the strap is still on it. I'd like to bring it to a camera shop but I'm really hesistant. I just want to know more about it. I don't want to sell it cause it's just way too cool. I'm sure others would share in my excitement.
By: johnriley 5391 days ago
The Yashica Penta J is an SLR with M42 screw thread mount, so Pentax M42 lenses and similar will fit. 1962-64. Auto Yashinon 50mm f2 lens as standard. Focal plane shutter speeded 1/2 sec - 1/500 sec. Apparently there was also a clip on meter coupled to the shutter speed dial. An alternative name was the reflex 35J.

It should be a solid and workmanlike camera, so quite useable if in good condition.

Hope that helps!

By: rapunzel 5391 days ago
Wow, I am impressed with how much you know John. and yes it does have a clip on meter coupled to the shutter speed dial. I thought it was just a high tech flash. This camera really has some weight to it and it's in great condition. I'll let you know how the pictures come out. Thanks again for the information. I'm so glad I found this forum!

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