Lenses for the rare and unusual Canon EX 35mm

By: jimmyflyxx 5471 days ago
I recently purchased a canon EX body with a 50mm f1.8. and yes, i did know that this is a really "one-off" configuration in which the front lens elements screw on and off, leaving the rear elements in place. In fact, that's why i bought it's so different i just had to have it. it actually works very well, the meter responds fine, and the top mounted variable aperture knob is just too cool for school. so of course now i would like to collect some of the lenses for this oddity. it's not a priority, and i have a hundred other cameras to fuss over, but if someone either has, or knows where to obtain any of these i have an interest. obviously these lenses will only fit this camera, and i am looking for bargains not mortgage payments. any other infor anyone has accumulated on this item over the years will also be welcome.
By: johnriley 5470 days ago
eBay is the obvious place to look - I certainly post items just as rare as these all the time. Unfortunately not what you are looking for though!


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