Digital vs Film Lense

By: haubenx4 5545 days ago
I am considering my ffirst DSLR and am looking at the Sony A200. The reviews are good and I have two Minolta AF film lenses from my old camera. I read a comment in a review that film lenses are not as good as digital.

By: johnriley 5544 days ago
I can only comment on Pentax lenses, but the principles will be similar.

It is true that "digital" lenses have enhanced coatings and a telecentric design that suits the sensor in a DSLR. However, the APS-C sensor only sees the central part of a film lens's image circle, the best bit, so in reality film lenses can be superb on digital. Not every one of them, but most of them will perform very well indeed.

It's worth a go with your old lenses. If you don't like them, perhaps they can go to eBay and help offset the cost of some new ones?


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