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By: deafbeaver 5657 days ago
hi there, I cannot find any link on the web site how to contact the webmaster. The reason I am looking for it is that I found that for the Tamron 17-50mm lens there are actually two parallel articles that are accessible from different links, i.e. the one linked to the item showing up in lens search is not the same as showing from elsewhere. This is not a difference of old vs new site, as in the browser window this "phenomenon" corresponds to two different addresses.
I have no idea how widespead this is, but perhaps this observation prompts a consistency check.
It might create a confusion, as this site is also "deep referenced" by others, i.e.
By: johnriley 5657 days ago
I've forwarded details of your comments to the web team.


By: johnriley 5656 days ago
The bit I missed replying to was that one of these entries is the product itself, whilst the other is a forum entry.

The "Contact Us" matter is being dealt with in due course - it's on the "Things To Do" list now!


By: conrad 5611 days ago
No contact option isn't very handy. I was looking for a link to report the following:

"Tokina AT-X AF 300mm f/4 ... provides high definition ... even with the aperture wide open at f/2.8." ??? How you can have your aperture at 2.8 on an f/4 lens? Was this lens given the wrong manufacturer's description?

But since there's no contact option, I really wouldn't know how to report it.

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