Kiron Lens Question

By: DonKoerner 2384 days ago
I am trying to find out what cameras are compatible with a Kiron Lens I have.
It is 70210mm 1:4.0
I am not sure what other info would be needed to determine the compatibility.

Thanks for the help.

By: johnriley 2383 days ago
Kiron made lenses with different mounts for different cameras, so we would need to know the mount type. Are there any markings on the mount area of the lens?

By: epzPete 2381 days ago
It will probably be Pentax (PK), Ricoh (PKR), Olympus (OM), Canon (FD)Nikon (AI) or Minolta (MD) or Contax Yashica (CY or YC)
By: DonKoerner 2381 days ago
Unfortunatley there are no marking on the lens in the mount area.
There is a P/K near the mount area and also on the cap for the mount.

By: johnriley 2381 days ago
Then it will be for Pentax K bayonet cameras, including even the DSLRs.
By: DonKoerner 2381 days ago
Thanks for the information.

Excuse my lack of knwoledge regarding cameras, but what is a "bayonet" camera?

By: johnriley 2380 days ago
It refers to the type of lens attachment - either a screw thread to unscrew the lens or a bayonet where you insert the lens and turn till it clicks into place.

Prior to 1974 Pentax used the M42 42mm thread screw fit. After that they introduced the K Bayonet. This has been in use since then, with extra features added but still retaining compatibility.
By: KironKid 2289 days ago

That's a very good lens. Is it the one with the zoom-lock feature?

Kiron kid
By: jedell 1022 days ago
I think I have the same type of lens - A Kiron 70-210mm f/4 Macro1:4 MC with a P K on the side of the lens near the mount. Can this be modified to fit a a Nikon D50?
By: johnriley 1022 days ago
PK means Pentax K, so I doubt that a conversion is possible. However, to be absolutely sure try contacting SRB-Griturn, who do every adapter we can imagine as well as probably some we can't....
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