A new site from the photodo team

By: epzPete 5649 days ago

I'm not sure this is something that the photodo visitors will be interested in but I'll mention it just in case. We have been working on a project to try and break all records while giving the people who help a method of gaining extra Internet exposure and some fun games/point accumulating stuff along the way. Our idea is to create a huge mosaic of faces that breaks all world records. We came up with the idea two years ago but got into difficulties with the original concept which involved charities and donations, so we've streamlined it.
All we ask is that you upload a self portrait (it's only displayed small), but you do have the option to go big in your profile if you chose to create one.

You can add a bit about yourself too, so if you have a web site/business you want to shout about there's the option.

It's really easy to understand and will become a huge directory of social network and blog sites, hopefully making it easier to find contacts on the net.

I hope you'll give it a look over - maybe someone will create a photodo or lens group on there too :-)


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