Contax MTF charts missing?

By: theSuede 5687 days ago
Hi All...

I'm just wondering if there's a specific reason for all Contax C/Y-mount MTF-charts dissappearing? I can't seem to get to any of them... Strange...

Well, just a call for help in the wild - I don't know where to turn to otherwise. How do you contact Photodo staff? It's probably just an error, but...

My wild imagination immediately visioned a scene where Zeiss asked Photodo to remove them to keep people from comparing the "old" C/Y Zeiss to the new Z-line. But I guess I'm just being paranoid as usual. :P
But as far I can remember, the Contax Zeiss lenses had better "sharpness" than the new crop available now - that's why I tried the database here.
Too bad if the data is permanently lost, no matter what the cause.

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