BIGMA v/s SIGMA 135-400mm

By: rajesh 5703 days ago
I was looking for a telephoto zoom for the Olympus E3. As my primary subjects are usually shy and skittish birds and animals in the wild, I wanted a long range lens.

I have short listed the SIGMA 50-500mm F4-6.3 EX DG HSM (BIGMA) and the SIGMA 135-400mm F4.5-5.6 DG. I have seen rave reviews about the BIGMA but not come across anything convincing about the latter.

My main grouse against the BIGMA is the weight (nearly 2 kilograms). When mounted on the Olympus E3 I will have to lift nearly 3 Kgs. For an average built individual like me with no significant biceps to boast of, and traveling on bumpy forest tracks in a four-wheel drive, I feel the BIGMA might just be a little beyond me!

Can somebody help me decide between the two.

By: johnriley 5703 days ago
I would suggest you try to find a dealer who will let you handle the lenses and perhaps even take a few test shots with each.

Your local camera club might also have members who own these lenses and it would be well worth finding them and seeing if they can help.
By: rajesh 5703 days ago
Thanks John, but my dealer has only the smaller one. The BIGMA is in transit and is not expected till middle of May.

I just thought I would be prepared!!


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