Number of replies

By: Clay 2986 days ago
Any idea why the number of replies for the last
eight topics is always -1 ? I see zero to 5.
By: johnriley 2986 days ago
Something's clearly wrong with the counting mechanism and it has been duly noted.

By: davidb 2985 days ago
we are working on it
By: davidb 2985 days ago
This is another test
By: davidb 2985 days ago
We are currently working on resolving this issue.
By: davidb 2985 days ago
Hi everyone,

The problem should be resolved now.

By: johnriley 2985 days ago
Many thanks, seems fine now.

By: Clay 2985 days ago
That was fast. Thanks, now we can save having to load the page
to see if we have had any replies.

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