Heyy i need help in lens issue

By: zutana 5708 days ago
hello, i have a canon digital rebel xti, and i have my kit lense in the secure that i buy, while the fix it i buy a new lens with desesperation, and i got a canon ef 75-300mm f/4-5.6 III at aproximatly $250, this lens is not bad enough, but is so hard take photos without tripode, and i like a lot experiment with different angles so i do not use the tripode all the time. i have a lot of questions, cause i want more than one lens, i like a macro lens but i dont know which buy, and i like a 50mm lens, and some lens that i could use to take pictures of far issues without required a tripode all the time, but i really want to understands more about lens so i can buy the next lense more relax and secure of my decision. i really waaant lens now, cause i have so much ideas and i have the camera but i dont have the correct lens that those ideas required. if someone could help me i will thanks a lot!!

i dont know, maybe with tips, informations, websites, or some books, or videos at you tube or some tools that i could help me understand all the information that i read about lens but i dont understand at all.

By: johnriley 5708 days ago
You need to start somewhere and I would suggest a good book on general photography. You should find lots of things to look at in your local library.

Then start with the lenses you have and practice taking pictures. After a while you will know what lenses you need to expand into the sort of photography that you want to do.

You might decide that wide angles are for you, or maybe telephoto sports shots, but you need to take lots of pictures with what you have now to understand what direction you need to move in.

Hope that helps!

By: zutana 5708 days ago
thanks, but actually i have a lot of books of introduction to photography, and they have a lot information of aperture, time of exposition, composition, flashes, natural light, filters, tips, but in the lense area i read about the difference between lens (zoom, macro, micro, 50mm, fisheye) and this stuff, but i dont know exactly what makes an lens more effective in his own category. i take a lot of pictures believe me, and if you want to take a look here is some of my photos, http://zutana.deviantart.com/gallery ,but im not taking any class of photography cause i cant take it now, i will check some documentaries or something that could explain me about lens in an interactive way, cause it would be ideal if i can use different kinds of lens but i dont have this option.

thanks for answer my message,
i will stay reading the more that i can about lens stuff and i will see if i can finally understand and make a decision.
By: divetex 5706 days ago
Go to www.fredmiranda.com and read the user reviews for the various lenses you are considering.
By: zutana 5706 days ago
thankss :)

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