Would appreciate some advice on lens choice.

By: Dungreen 4573 days ago
I am currently in the process of setting up some camera equipment. I have decided to purchase a Canon 5D camera and would appreciate any advice on lens choices.
I am looking at either the 24-105mm or 24-70mm canon lenses for my standard zoom but am having difficulty deciding. I also cant decide on a prime ultra wide angle lens. Dont like the fisheyes but I love the wide angle effects.

I have about $4500 in total to spend on the lenses. Any advice would be much apreciated.

By: johnriley 4569 days ago
I assume you are an experienced photographer, otherwise you wouldn't be jumping in with expensive kit right from scratch.

These days zooms are such high quality that it is difficult to see a place for many primes. I would save primes for a fast 50mm for low light work and a 100mm Macro (or thereabouts) for the close stuff.

Otherwise, an ultra-wide zoom from the professional range of whichever marque you use, a standard zoom (not the kit lens if possible) and a telephoto zoom will cover virtually anything you might need them to.

I've not been specific with Canon as I'm a Pentax user, but the principle applies. With Canon the best lenses would be the L range.

I was hoping a canon user would respond to you, but no-one has, so I hope my generalised comments will help.

By: Dungreen 4567 days ago
Thankyou for your comment, I have been doing some research and opted for the 16-35mm L II Lens as my wide angle. Basically all of what you have said confirms what Ive been hearing so far so thats a good thing! Very excited about this one.

As far as being experienced though, I'm not so sure!


By: Russ 4566 days ago
Have you looked at the superb Tamron SP 24-135 ?


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