Photodo RSS feed is invalid

By: Paulley 5279 days ago
I'd like to aggregate the Photodo RSS feed with my camera club's website, but the RSS aggregator is choking on invalid characters and improper HTML on Photodo's RSS feed link.

The Photodo RSS feed does not validate with the RSS validator that I tried ( Can this be fixed?


By: johnriley 5279 days ago
Glenn, I have made enquiries on your behalf and await the reply.

By: Paulley 5279 days ago
Thanks John. I believe the fundamental problem is that the RSS feed from photodo is in UTF-8, but the site is reporting its RSS feed to other RSS readers as US-ASCII, which simply won't work. A quick check using will confirm the problem.
By: Paulley 5273 days ago
John - the RSS feed is now working. If you had something to do with making that happen, my sincere thanks. My camera club site is now displaying the latest reviews on its front page.


Glenn Paulley
Highland Glen Camera Club
Kitchener-Waterloo, ON, Canada

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