Lens Suggestions Low to 70mm maybe?

By: DMq 6027 days ago
I'm new to the forum so forgive any errors in my post.

I've got a Nikon D200, which I purchased used. I had intended to get a lower cost body but couldn't pass up the deal. My wife shoots professionally and also has a D200, which was the other reason I got the D200.

I use the camera mostly for work but because I travel to may parts of the world, in odd places, I find my self with many interesting photo opportunities and I'm usually gone long enough were my wife doesn't let me take here lenses with me.

I need to take very closeup shots of electronic equipment and need to be able to see the text on Chips and the board itself so I'd like a Macro option with the lens.

I also need to take pictures inside rooms so a wide angle lens would be nice say 17mm.

I've got a Nikon AS-S VR 70-300 digital lens and am now looking for a lens that covers the lower range.
Should I look at 17-70, like a Nikon?
Can I put an attachment to get the Macro?
Anyone have some suggestions?
By: johnriley 6026 days ago
If Nikon have a 17-70mm that should cover most possibilities for you without weighing you down too much.

The other alternative would be a 18-250mm and leaving your other long lens behind.

Do you need a dedicated macro lens for the sort of travel you are doing? Travelling light will encourage more photography, but if you do need a macro then a prime macro lens is a superb optic.

By: DMq 6026 days ago
Thanks for your input.

I'm not too concerned about weight but more concerned about the money I'm spending. I'm thinking a midrange lens would be more cost affective.

I wasn't thinking about a dedicated Macro lens. I thought there were attachments out there that I could add to an existing lens. I just don't know who makes such an attachment. Does anyone know of any?

When I travel it's usually business class and bag weight, size and quantity isn't an issue till I step off of the commercial flight. From there it's usually a private plane into the jungle and then it can be a problem. I travel with a heavy laptop in a backpack bag so I've thought about getting a bigger backpack to reduce the number of bag's I'm toting around. Once on location it's no big deal.
By: johnriley 6026 days ago
Then a simple close up lens would do the trick.

Fits to the front filter ring just like a filter and is available in a range of dioptres, such as +1, +2 etc., commonly up to +4 but sometimes up to +10.

This solution will be relatively inexpensive and perfectly good once the lens is stopped down a little.

By: DMq 6026 days ago
Suggestions on a a model?
By: johnriley 6025 days ago
Close up lenses are made by all the usual filter manufacturers, so B&W, Heliopan, Hoya....etc.

By: tubby 5771 days ago
Hi. I am new to dslr photo photography so any advice would be appreciatd. I have purchased the canon eos 400d. with the standard efs 18-55mm lens, i also bought a canon 60mm macro, & sigma 70-300mm zoom & sigma 170-500mm zoom,all of which i am very happy with, my question is should i get a wide angle lens and if yes which one. many thanks JOHN.

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