AF Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D and D40x

By: jagmohan 4670 days ago

Isnt the lense an autofocus? Does the autofocus work with D40x?


By: jagmohan 4669 days ago
Well I got the answer for this. However, the other question I have is as follows: Whenever I use it with my D40x, it asks me to lock the f to the minimum i.e. to 22. How do I use other f? Or in case of D40x it is controlled through the body?
By: johnriley 4669 days ago
Quite possibly, but the info must be in the instruction book?

By: bobby42 4668 days ago
No, the 1.8 50 mm works on an D40(X), but does not autofocus. You will have to focus manually.
By: aparicio 4619 days ago
Hi everybody,
The 40Dx is a new 'ultrasonic focusing only' body: it connects electrically ONLY to the AF lenses where the focusing motor is installed.
The old AF lenses depend on a motor in the camera body that links using a mechanical handle (the screw that protrudes from the camera at 7'oclock' in the lens mount); it turns, 'driving' the lens focusing 'rings'.
Pro bodies retain both methods.

By: aparicio 4619 days ago
Regarding f/stop: the minimum f number position is the practical Nikon for AI-S lenses to pass iris control to the body (as old as the FG100 model). New G lens models do not have the f/ ring control. Adjustment of f/ is then by body settings: example: pass on M(anual) or A(perture) and the f/ choice is by thumb or index discs.


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