Sigma 24mm f2,8 macro

By: smartyns76 5604 days ago
Does anyone have this lens and can say how it works and some other specification? I got one on ebay for 56 euros. Thanks, Martina
By: infosix 5582 days ago
I have the twin copy of this lens under the name of Quantary 24mm F2.8.

The original Sigma is here:

My Quantary is here:

I am quite impress by the sharpeness of this lens. See pic below (without any ajustement.. it is a strock photo):

I am selling this lens on Ebay, since I didn't used it a lot:
By: AJ 5571 days ago
This is an excellent lens, and great value for the money. I recall that this lens came with something called a "Zen" finish, a kind of matte black that has a tendency to wear off easily, leading to a somewhat ragged look over time, but this is purely cosmetic and does not detract from performance in any way. If you're a collector, this may matter to you, but for general use, it's great. I have this lens in the Minolta A mount, and it works perfectly on the Sony Alpha series DSLR cameras without re-chipping. On the DSLR, it's a 36mm because of the 1.5x crop factor. I'm not sure how if it works with the Nikon or Canon digital bodies. Hope this is useful.
By: Russ 5569 days ago
I have an older Sigma "mini" 28mm f/2.8, and it's a very good lens.

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