Lens for Travelling to India

By: creativpro 5608 days ago

I am a middle aged woman

I have a Nikon D80.
Lens 60mm
12-24 Tokina

. I am not taking either of these lenses to India as I do not wish to change my lens on the road.

I am looking for a telephoto lens and the toss up is between the Nikon 18-200 or 70-200 lenses?

Question; could I use the 70-200mm lens as a walk about lens?

Is it too heavy?

thank you

By: Clay 5579 days ago
I believe the 18-200 is considered a 'consumer' lens whereas the
70-200 is considered a 'Pro' lens. Either will do for a
one lens walk about but expect to pay much more for the
70-200, for it to weigh more, but be sharper across the
zoom range.You will lose on the wide angle landscape end but gain on 'people' shots on the street, and with animals and birds. Enjoy India !
By: creativpro 5578 days ago
Thanks Clay

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