Nikon and canon lens labels?

By: Bruce 5623 days ago
I am getting ready to buy into a DSLR system. Nikon or canon. More than likely I will get a less exspensive digital camera now ,but I will get the best lenses I can afford.

Canon has EF or EF-S lenses. I know the 40D will take both but, I wish to get the EF lenses since in a few years I may wish to step up to a camera like the 1D Mark 3 that does not use the EF-S lenses. When I use the EF lens on a camera body such as the 40D am I effecting my image quality?? What does the S stand for?

Thanks in advance. Bruce in Tenn.
By: johnriley 5623 days ago
Why only Nikon or Canon? The Pentax range are also excellent and gaining in market share very quickly. The new Sony is also worth a look.

If you were looking for a low cost entry into DSLR territory I would also take a long look at the Samsung GX-1L kits with 18-55mm and 50-200mm lenses. The same as the Pentax equivalents and at an extraordinarily low price.

Be careful with some of the cheaper Canons and Nikons as they require particular lenses to work properly.

The best compatibility with lenses old and new is with Pentax/Samsung, with Nikon a little way behind but pretty good.

By: AdrianW 5620 days ago
> When I use the EF lens on a camera body such as the 40D am I effecting my image quality??

No; the image quality will be unaffected. EF lenses work just fine on the crop bodies.

> What does the S stand for?

Short back focus, in other words the distance between the sensor and the rear element of the lens is less. This allows a lens to project further into the body, which makes ultra-wide angle lenses easier and cheaper to build.

Most EF-S lenses also provide a reduced size image circle; i.e. the area the image covers is smaller too. The advantage is that the lens can be smaller and lighter, and as an added bonus is cheaper to make.

These are the reasons EF-S lenses only work with the 1.6x FOV crop bodies.

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