Using a non-digital lens with a digital SLR

By: creativpro 5628 days ago
I have a Nikon D80 . A friend has given me a Tamron 55-250 lens.

I am aware that I would need a Tamron Adapter of some sort to fit the Nikon D80.

Is it worthwhile buying an adapter - Would I be able to get good photos with this combination?

thank you

sue block
By: johnriley 5628 days ago
Tamron will do a Nikon adapter and the lens will be useable. The results could be very good or indifferent depending upon the actual lens design. Some lenses for film cameras do perform well on digital, but others are poor because of the differing optical requirements.

If it were a Nikon lens I wouldn't hesitate and would say go for it. The Tamron may or may not please you, but I'll bet it's quite heavy and bulky compared to a new Nikon lens.

In summary, it can be done, but the results could be good or bad.

By: creativpro 5628 days ago
Thanks John



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