MTF result display - can it be improved?

By: bsimons 5668 days ago
I want to start by saying photodo is a great site, and I'm thankful for all the work that has, and continues to be put into it.

However I have some issues with the way photodo presents the resolution results (MTF). The results seem to be a little lower than other sites (dpreview,, but that might be because iI find it hard to read photodo's mtf50 charts. Would it be possible to stretch the Y-Axis in future reviews? The charts could be at least twice as high and still fit on a browser window. Furthermore, there's no reason for the scale to go above 0.5, since it's impossible to get detail above the nyquist frequency.

By: IanA 5664 days ago
We are looking into ways of improving the way that the data is presented! Certainly, better charts are one of the parameters that we are looking at.

By: linag 5603 days ago
Well, we are waitting for your improve..

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