Nikon 300mm f4 vs f2.8

By: oliver 4794 days ago
Purchasing the f4 rather than th f2.8

will have a hand holdable lens

save a lot of money


will lose 1 stop of speed

But will I

lose much sharpness (I am a sports photographer and crop in quite a bit), or

lose AF speed and and accuracy.

Note I am switching from Canon (returned my MK3) and plan to get a D300.
By: IanA 4789 days ago
The extra stop gives the AF system (on any system) twice as much light to work with and an f/4 lens will be slightly slower to autofocus than an f/2.8.

However, wether that difference is noticable is another thing! The CAM3500 on the D3/D300 is, as yet, untried in the real world, but the difference between the two apertures on Nikkor AF-S lenses is marginal on my D200.



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