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By: jowens 4861 days ago
At Popular Photography & Imaging magazine, we are currently looking for people to write lens test reports for our website (www.PopPhoto.com) on a freelance basis. We need real experts, not the usual know-it-alls.

As I envision it, this project would involve taking the data we generate from our test of the lens on our Optikos test bench and analyzing it to give our readers (high-end amateurs and professionals) a sense of how the lens will perform in a range of real-world applications. In other words, translate the data. We would accompany this text with charts, graphs, and image-quality photos.

If you are familiar with the Lens Tests in Popular Photography & Imaging magazine, or on our website (www.popphoto.com), you have a sense of what we are looking for. Only we would like to go more in-depth, since we have all the space of a website.
If you are interested--and qualified--please get in touch wth
By: jowens 4861 days ago
...get in touch with

John Owens, Editor in Chief
Popular Photography & Imaging


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