Lens rattle in Nikon AF 70-210 f/4-5.6. Help??

By: tcmorton 5842 days ago
Hi all,

Just picked up a new D50 last month (my first DSLR). Having a blast shooting and rediscovering my passion for photography, but since I am on a tight budget I have been using eBay to pick up some lenses. The latest lens I bouhgt was an AF Nikkor 70-210mm. Cosmetically it looks great, like new. However, the odd thing is is that it emits a rattling noise when I handle it (changing out lenses etc)...The clacking sound is not unlike a small BB clacking around in it..not terribly loud, but consistently audible. Is this normal? I did read a couple of threads here and there about "cam" play and other mechanical side effects. Nonetheless, the rattle is a bit unsettling. I don't have much experience with older telephoto Nikkors so I was hoping to tap into the knowledge base here at Photodo. Does this rattle indicate serious gear wear? and/or that the end is near for this lens? Getting some solid information is important because the seller is being "cool" about it, and is willing to refund should I conclude that the lens does not meet my expectations.

I need to add that thus far the lens focusses smoothly and fairly accurately (a little "hunting" here and there especially in dim light, but I think this is normal too for this lens). Knowing full well that the "proof is in the pudding" I have set up a photo sharing account on Fotki to examine, compare and share the results..I have to say, so far the results have been decent.

If I did it right you should be able to see a handful of pics embedded. I tried to incorporate some image information into the file name. For example, images that have "OC_original" are minimally modified (maybe lightened and cropped thats it)....images that were sharpened are indicated with USM with a percentage number.

I look forward to comments and suggestions.

T.C. Morton
Wassaic, NY

Nikon D50
AF-S DX 18-70mm
AF 50mm f/1.8
AF 70-210mm f/4-5.6

http://public.fotki.com/... .../outdoor-photos-from/dsc0047ocoriginal.html


http://public.fotki.com/... .../outdoor-photos-from/dsc0050croppedusm55.html


http://public.fotki.com/... .../outdoor-photos-from/dsc0037ocoriginal.html

By: johnriley 5840 days ago
Some lenses will have rattles and it could be quite normal. Why not try out another one in a shop to check?

By: Burnt0013 5719 days ago
I have 2 of these lenses and neither one rattles. One makes a kind of slight rubbing noise. As long as it works and the results are acceptable I'll continue to use it. If the sound gets worse, however I'll consider sending it to Nikon. But then again too you have to consider can I replace it for less than the repair will cost.
By: Satyr 5714 days ago
I had one that I got on eBay it rattled. After a day or two Something got jamed in the zoom slide. Send it back if you can. I did. The seller took it back. Repair is more then the lens is worth.

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