Schneider 28mm Super Angulon Shift

By: kloutit 5868 days ago

Does anyone have any experience with this lens? I am looking at having one converted by from shift only to tilt only creative Out of Focus effects on 35mm format with very high centre resolution.

This lens is supposedly a 'legendary' schneider lens, but there's almost no information about this lens online.

Keen to hear any first hand reports of resolution, sharpness, distortion etc.

Many thanks,

By: shrump 5752 days ago
As you may already know, this is the lens Chosen by Leica for their PC lens. If you go to the Leica site and get to the R lenses, you can review what Mr. Irwin Puts has to say about the lens.

I use a Contax RTSIII. I wanted to get a 28mm Super Angulon PC from Ebay. The only ones being offered were the Leica version. The lens comes with a adapter on the back that is easily changed to different mounts. The adapter costs $148.50 from B&H. I bought a Contax adapter.

I also have a Zeiss 35mm PC Distagon. Although both are very fine lenses I believe the Zeiss is easily the superior lens.

I also find for what I like to do that the 28mm lens is the more useful focal length. The lens has a far amount of distortion that may be a problem depending on the particular photo.

The lens also has a good deal of illumination fall off by the edges of the field. Still though this is a very nice lens.

I do not know how useful this lens would be for your application.

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