Nikon products in Spain?

By: biho 6258 days ago
I would like to know if there is professional camera stores that sell Nikon lenses,filters, etc. in Barcelona, Spain. I don't prefer mail order ones. Please guide me, Thanks.
By: biho 6258 days ago
Is the Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 lens good for macro if used in reverse (w/o extension tubes)?
By: biho 6258 days ago
What is the best circular polarizer for Nikon 52mm lenses?
By: johnriley 6258 days ago
I don't know about Spain, but a Google search might help.

The Nikkor 50mm f1.8 lens is a fine lens that should be excellent used reversed. It is likely to be better for this than the f1.4 version.

There are several manufacturers of quality glass filters, but B&W and Heliopan are two especially good ranges. There are also new digital filters from manufacturers such as Hoya.

By: BiGs 6219 days ago
In Barcelona try Jordi Bas ( advertised as the cheapest photo store in the world (which it isn't, lags behind NY's, HK's, and Japan's Akihabara - although possibly the best buys in Europe. Huge Nikon selection. Some meters from their Barcelona location at Pelai street you'll also find Foto Casanova, also very good buys and huge selection (worth visiting their 2nd hand dept!). Again quite close to them is FotoPrix's outlet at Pelai street. And walking distance from both strolling down Ramblas (close to the port) is Arpi, a 5 floors photo only building (best for pro equipment). Would also recommend visiting FNAC at Catalunya plaza (best for advise). That would be a photo-shopping experience in fantastic Barcelona. All those locations are in tourist district so grab your bags, and keep you eyes open. Second to none in Europe for buying photo equipment.

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