Vivitar 19 mm lens for nikon?

By: aquaman 5918 days ago
Hi, does anyone know the story on this lens? Is it still being produced? I've been searching for it and so far it's been out of stock.

Also--if I see one listed for Minolta, is that compatible with Nikon?

This is a great wide-angle lens and very afforbable!


By: Clay 5917 days ago
Hi Chris,

I use a Vivitar 500mm and a Vivitar 80-200mm zoom on
a Nikon F2AS. I also use Minoltas but do not know if
there are adaptors for using same Vivitars on them to
fit Minoltas. The problem would be if the distance from
the lens mount to the film plane are not the same for both cameras. Maybe someone here can enlighten us.
By: johnriley 5917 days ago
These are fixed mount lenses, made in various fittings to suit different cameras. They are not compatible with different makes.


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